Solar Lights

Our Aim

LED aims to provide simple, mobile, cost effective solar lighting for families individuals and local communities.

Distributing LED solar lights in Nepal

Distributing LED solar lights in Nepal

Since 2002 solar lights have been distributed to more than 4000 homes throughout the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash regions of Northern Peru, the Manasalu region of Nepal, parts of Northern India, and Ethiopia.

The Juniper Trust provided significant funding to support our work in Peru, where we have provided lights to more than 3000 homes. We would like to thank them for their assistance.

In Nepal, well over a 1000 homes are benefitting from solar lights funded through money raised for LED and private donations.

The Problem

Remote mountain villages both in South American and the Indian sub-continent have little or no electrical power. Villagers are often reliant on kerosene or locally felled timber to light their homes.

Fumes can cause respiratory problems for both children and adults. Fumes can also cause eye problems and even blindness. Kerosene is expensive and often causes financial deprivation.

Our Solution

Distributing solar lights supplied by LED, Peru

Distributing solar lights, Peru

We provide small self contained solar lighting units.  Our units are user friendly, portable, sustainable and affordable.  As technology improves, we are always looking at new and improved designs in terms of reliability and performance of the lights.

The Process

Village leaders in our project areas request solar lighting support.  Following recommendation from local representatives every family within the prescribed catchment area will receive a solar lamp during one of  our distribution visits.

Repairing solar lights supplied by LED, Peru

Repairing solar lights, Peru

Our technicians visit regularly to train and assist with maintenance and repairs.

The cost of the solar lighting units is met through donations received.  Recipients are encouraged to contribute a nominal sum towards the unit.  This gives value and ownership to the families concerned.  Contributions received form villagers are used to repair and provide replacements.

The Results

  • Family income is increased in real terms due to reduced fuel costs.
  • Health improves as fumes cause less of a problem.
  • Deforestation diminishes as there is less demand for wood fuel.
  • Dependence on polluting kerosene is diminished.

How You Can Help

Val distributing solar lights on a trek in Peru

Val distributing solar lights on a trek in Peru

By joining one of Val’s treks, you will help with the financing and delivery of solar lights.

Donations large or small will be gratefully received.  Even a small amount makes a big difference in these communities.

Read more on our How You Can Help page.